It’s not uncommon for my sisters, friends, or even strangers to comment 

about my physique. The comments are usually followed by the question 

of what do I do? As if I know some magic trick to transform bodies, I don’t, 

although I wish I did. The simple answer is diet and exercise. Easy to say 

but hard to do right? That’s why we cannot forget the most integral 

component that hides behind both diet and exercise, it's motivation. How 

much do you really want it? I hear people say they want to lose xx lbs all 

the time but never do anything to change. Each day I remind myself 

bodies are built  in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. It helps me make 

the critical decision to not make the quick stop at the drive-thru or skip a 

workout without an honest reason. I will never claim it’s easy but I found 

there are definitely ways to make it easier. That’s where my blogs comes 

in. If you’re interested in convenient healthy eating, effective time conscious workouts and/or everything else that 

makes my world go around you’re invited to follow along.



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